We are connecting professionals who share a common ambition of making a positive impact on the planet




In a rapidly evolving world, in which the dangerous consequences of human activities and the risks related to climate change have become an ongoing reality, we consider that it has become urgent to act.
Entrepreneurs hold many of the best solutions to our planet’s biggest challenges, but environmental change cannot afford to exist away from mainstream capital, and capital is needed to solve global issues.

Impact startups

Raising investment
Qualifying and measuring their impact on the planet
Finding partners for pilots, acquiring customers and gaining exposure

We allow new world-changing innovations and scalable promising solutions to find the investors and partners they need to become a profitable reality. We federate an extended network of positive impact entrepreneurs and change makers who are linked and can benefit from each other’s expertise.

Impact investors

Accessing a deal flow of opportunities
Scouting and prioritizing startups, according to each investor’s needs, including extended impact criteria
Meeting the startups that match their criteria

We constantly identify new emerging solutions and innovations. We allow investors to deeply understand, qualify and analyse entrepreneurs’ innovations, impact and financial needs. We put investors together with the ventures matching their criteria.

Responsible corporations

Identifying synergies with positive impact startups to innovate
Aligning with their customers’ values
Aligning with their employees’ values

We allow responsible corporations to be one step ahead by identifying synergies between positive impact startups and their own open-innovation strategies. We help them benefit from entrepreneurs’ solutions, expertise, innovative mindsets and methods.

Our purpose is to help

Impact is tricky !

Many investors have gone from supporting business models that do less harm (e.g. using ESG principles to filter out businesses that harm the environment or have poor working conditions) to making impact investments and building businesses that actively deliver solutions to global issues.

While these investors pursue diverse impact objectives, they universally agree on the importance of measuring and managing their impact. But Impact measurement and management (IMM) is tricky!




At Positive Impact Makers ©, our methodology is based on the 3 most broadly used frameworks (the SDGs, the IRIS+, the IMP’s five dimensions). It allows impact investors to efficiently identify and select their investees according to their impact.

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